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I've checked for the usual spelling mistakes or files in the wrong place. Undoubtedly it will be something simple - but I just can't see it. What am I missing?


class Admin::Top10PagesController < Admin::AdminController



class Top10Page < ActiveRecord::Base



namespace :admin do
  resources :top_10_pages

rake routes

admin_top_10_pages     GET    /admin/top_10_pages           admin/top_10_pages#index                      
                       POST   /admin/top_10_pages           admin/top_10_pages#create                            
new_admin_top_10_page  GET    /admin/top_10_pages/new       admin/top_10_pages#new                      
edit_admin_top_10_page GET    /admin/top_10_pages/:id/edit  admin/top_10_pages#edit                     
admin_top_10_page      GET    /admin/top_10_pages/:id       admin/top_10_pages#show                   
                       PUT    /admin/top_10_pages/:id       admin/top_10_pages#update                 
                       DELETE /admin/top_10_pages/:id       admin/top_10_pages#destroy                      

URL Called


ERROR from development log

ActionController::RoutingError (uninitialized constant Admin::Top10PagesController):
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Bob - I think this is an issue with the name of the controller file itself.

When I run "Top10PagesController".underscore in the console I get "top10_pages_controller" rather than "top_10_pages_controller"

Looks like rails is looking for the wrong controller file. Try changing the controller name to top10_pages_controller.rb and see if that works?

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Many thanks for this. Changed the filename as suggested, also the view folder name, and all works great. It's interesting that 'rails g controller Top10Pages' generated the file top_10_pages_controller! - Thanks again for the help :-) – Bob Oct 15 '12 at 10:09

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