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Could somebody tell me which command should I use to extract only the number(694575) from the text using Selenium Ide and to put it into a variable for further usage. Here is the div with the text:

<div class="loginBoxTitle">Edit Exhibition Centre - 694575, Exhibition Center1</div> 

May be commands like storeText,storeEval should work in this case ,but the part with the pasrsing is a mistery for me.

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I have solution, tricky 1

store  | Edit Exhibition Centre - 694575, Exhibition Center1 | string
store  | 1 | delimiter   
store  | javascript{storedVars['string'].split('- ')[storedVars['delimiter']]} | test
store  | 0 | delimiter1
store  | javascript{storedVars['test'].split(',')[storedVars['delimiter1']]} | output
echo   | ${output}

Try this 1, and let me know whether its working for you

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Yes,it works perfect,thank you! –  Mira Oct 14 '12 at 20:41
Accept the answer if its working, so that this will help others too :) –  Rohit Ware Oct 15 '12 at 6:43

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