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I am facing a very strange issue with XCode 4.5.

I tried to set a background color to a prototype cell in my storyboard, but in interface builder the cell color doesn't change, even when I run it on my device it doesn't use the color I set.

I tried creating a subclass of UITableViewCell and setting the color of the background in all init methods but it still donnot work.

If anyone faced the same problem and solved it I would be very grateful !

Thanks you !

PS : XCode 4.5.1 and iOS 5 or 6, same issue. Since I'm a new developer I cannot recall if it worked on previous versions of XCode.

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@dvkch: I don't know how you did it with deleting and recreating segues. The only way I know to set the background color of table view cell is to set the content views background color of the cell:

cell.contentView.backgroundColor = [UIColor orangeColor];

Sadly, storyboard doesn't show the content views properties.


If you change the background color of the table view the background color of the cell changes, too.

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The contentView can be selected in xcode 5 (don't know about previous versions) by clicking the prototype cell, but no the views in it. Iterating through the view with TAB / SHIFT+TAB can help –  dvkch Jun 2 at 10:29

I was able to add a background color to a prototype UITableViewCell inside of a storyboard in Xcode 5.

First, select the cell that you want to give a background color.

Next, goto View -> Utilities -> Identity Inspector and add a new User Defined Runtime Attribute for a Keypath of "backgroundColor" a type of "Color" and a "Value" of whatever color you want.

Screenshot of Identity Inspector panel

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It finally worked after some Clean and Clean build folder operations, some deletion of segues and after recreated them... Thanks Xcode 4.5 !

EDIT: after multiple tests: on iOS6 and 7 you actualy should be able to set the correct background color in storyboards or your code by setting the background color on the cell prototype itself and the contentView. Those are not the same objects in a storyboard. I hope that helps.

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I'm interested to see how you got this to work. You need to set the backgroundColor property of the cells contentView, and storyboards doesn't seem to expose these properties. Can you detail your solution? –  Adam Ritenauer Oct 26 '12 at 14:53
indeed this didn't work, but problem solved after some cleanups, unfortunately I donnot know precisely what I did. –  dvkch Nov 4 '12 at 20:00
after some research, setting the background of a cell still donnot work on XCode 4.5.2, but I managed to change the background of the cell by setting the background of the whole UITableView –  dvkch Nov 4 '12 at 20:01
this may be helpful [stackoverflow.com/a/12522813/233333] –  Martin Berger Jan 10 '13 at 9:06
I think this shouldn't be marked as correct, as this isn't an answer nor leads to one... –  eladleb Jun 28 '13 at 10:16

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