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here it's the website: http://www.webkunst.comeze.com/test/

If you click on the left on artworks, it loads via ajax the page content (the items that appear on the right). The problem I have is that when I hover over the items, it does some kind of strange behavior, for example if I hover over the 4 to 9 items, it shows the hidden text but over the first three items, it's really strange.

This is how I do the effects:

To show the text, this is on my main js:


To do the black transparent hover effect i'm using this tutorial : http://tympanus.net/codrops/2011/11/02/original-hover-effects-with-css3/ Which uses css with .item .mask

and this is my markup: enter image description here

What i'm doing wrong, why is doing that behavior?

I have to add that the effects works nice when the page it's not loaded via ajax.

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Give your .item elements position:relative css.

Your absolute .art_title elements are aligning to the top of the page (instead of to the top of the .item

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