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I'm attempting to convert to a JavaScript include file in which I keep getting Syntax errors in Firebug, but it only displays the first error and when I comment out the line with that error Firebug displays the next error.

For example the first syntax error is "var emailstr = form.from;" and when I comment it the next line "var groupsval = form.groups;" displays a syntax error and so forth.

Is it possible that there is another type of error that I'm not seeing that is causing this? When I set a breakpoint on any function in firebug it displays "undefined function".

I've been staring at this code until I'm blue in the face and could really use some help.

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function isValidEmail(form) {
    var emailstr = form.from;
    var groupsval = form.groups;
    var zipval = form.zip;
    var emailfilter=/^\w+[\+\.\w-]*@([\w-]+\.)*\w+[\w-]*\.([a-z]{2,4}|\d+)$/i
        alert("Email address is empty, incomplete, or contains invalid characters.");
        return false;
    // Check for correct zip code
    var zipval = form.zip;
    var zipfilter = /(^\d{5}$)|(^\d{5}-\d{4}$)/;
    if (!zipfilter.test(zipval.value)) {
      alert("Zip Code Is Not Valid or empty. Please use the format 99999 or 99999-9999.")
      return false;
    return true;

function IsEmpty (aTextField) {
    if ((aTextField.value.length==0) ||
        (aTextField.value==null)) {
        return true;
else { return false; }

function UpdateCountry(form) {
    if (form.state.value !== '') {
        form.cntry.selectedIndex = 224; 
    else {form.cntry.selectedIndex = 0;}

function resetAll(frm) {
    var answer = confirm("are you sure?");
    if (answer == true){
        foreach(frm.elements as obj) {
                obj.value = '';
    else {
        answer = false;
    return answer;

var GB_ANIMATION = true; 
      var t = this.title || $(this).text() || this.href; 
      return false; 

function keycheck(event)
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Could you please provide a js-fiddle? –  jantimon Oct 12 '12 at 15:08
Functions are only defined if the javascript is syntactically correct... make sure you have closed all brackets (round, curley and square). Also, there is no such thing as foreach in javascript, which will also probably cause you issues –  freefaller Oct 12 '12 at 15:16
Thanks for the comments. I used jsfiddle on jsfiddle.net and ran "TidyUP", commented out the foreach loop, and fixed a Graybox error and now although there still seems to be a couple of issues, most of the functions seems to be working. –  Joseph McLaughlin Oct 12 '12 at 16:50

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