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I am quite sure that this is somehow a basic/stupid question but I just don't find the answer.

How do I insert a new record to an entity using Javascript (which is called on an onChange event)?

My aim is to insert 4 values read from an incident-form to a custom entity called statuslog.

It's easy enough to read the four fields.

// Statuscode: "1st Level Support"
var statuscodeTextValue = getPicklistValueText("statuscode");

var incidentid = getGUIDOfCurrentRecord();

var ownerid = getGUID("ownerid");

//timestamp is "Fri Oct 12 16:50:34 UTC +0200 2012"
var timestamp = new Date();

But what do I have to do next? A specific code example would be very much appreciated. :-)

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By far the best example I have seen of this is on Gareth Tucker's excellent blog. In this post he creates a new Contact based on fields filled in on a phone call record. All code supplied, so you should be able to adapt to your custom entity and fields instead.


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EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you, very much Adam! –  Uwe Oct 15 '12 at 7:02

There are CRUD (Create, Read, Update & Delete) examples on the MSDN. I would suggest starting here, once you have decided on SOAP v REST just following the links. I would suggest starting with REST.

As a side, depending on your business problem, JavaScript may not be the best option here. It will only run when the form changes, e.g. a web service call or workflow that updates the record will not trigger the JavaScript. A synchronous plugin maybe a better option here.

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Thank you very much James. This will get me started. –  Uwe Oct 12 '12 at 15:25

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