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I've struggling for hours now with this issue. I have a list that I keep in the Session

Session["AllDev"] = taskData.DisplayAllDevelopers();

I use it later this way.

_ddlAllDev.DataSource = (ListItemCollection)Session["AllDev"];

DisplayAllDevelopers() method returns a ListItemCollection. Each ListItem contains the ID of the Developer as Value and the name of the Developer as Text. But When I check the items collection, I find that the DropDownList has both the value and the text set to the name of the devoloper. Is there a way to force the DropDownList to keep the Value and the Text as the source is?

Thanks for helping.

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Can also try this

_ddlAllDev.DataValueField = "ID";
_ddlAllDev.DataTextField= "DevName";
_ddlAllDev.DataSource = (ListItemCollection)Session["AllDev"];
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That was really easy. Thanks –  Richard77 Oct 12 '12 at 15:21
It looks like the RadioButtonList also needed the same setting. –  Richard77 Oct 12 '12 at 15:33

You can try with

YourDDL.DataValueField = "ID";
YourDDL.DataTextField= "DevName";
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