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I'm working through the about_classes.rb file in the Ruby Koans, and have hit a brick wall with the "inside_a_method_self_refers_to_the_containing_object" test. Here's the code:

class Dog7
  attr_reader :name

  def initialize(initial_name)
    @name = initial_name

  def get_self

  def to_s

  def inspect
    "<Dog named '#{name}'>"

def test_inside_a_method_self_refers_to_the_containing_object
  fido = Dog7.new("Fido")

  fidos_self = fido.get_self
  assert_equal <Dog named 'Fido'>, fidos_self

So, I'm trying to make the first half of the assert_equal evaluate to the second half (fidos_self). When I work it out in irb, fidos_self returns <Dog named 'Fido'>, but I keep receiving a syntax error for that answer.

I've seen this similar post: Ruby Koans: Where are the quotes in this return value?, but his solution (putting fido instead of <Dog named 'Fido'>) causes my rake to abort, saying the stack level is too deep.

This is driving me nuts. What am I missing here?

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The to_s method as posted would give a syntax error. –  steenslag Oct 12 '12 at 15:36

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That isn't valid syntax. Just because something shows up in IRB as a particular thing doesn't mean that's what it literally is. The inspect method is often over-written, and in this case it's been remapped to something custom.

What you want is:

assert_equal "<Dog named 'Fido'>", fidos_self.inspect

By default any result in irb is presented by calling inspect.

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I did not know that about irb. Thanks! –  hlh Oct 12 '12 at 15:41

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