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I'm trying to execute different code for each tkinter button - the names of which are not know until called from a list. gtk has get label (unfortunately I can't use gtk).

How might I implement similar with tkinter?

def click_one(newbuttonname):
                writethisdown = open("participantsmovedlog.txt", 'a')
        rotatee = newbuttonname

.... and meanwhile within the makebutton function:

for someuser in listofusers:
            username = someuser
            newbuttonname = username 
            newbuttonname = Tkinter.Button(win, text = newbuttonname, command = lambda:click_one(username))
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You are almost there. You simply need to pass the name via lambda or functools.partial:

newbuttonname = username 
newbuttonname = Tkinter.Button(win, text = newbuttonname, 
    command = lambda name=username:click_one(name))

You can use this same technique to pass in the actual wodget, or any other data.

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That's excellent! But I can't make Tkinter die not even with win.quit() or win.destroy() ? – Donnied Oct 12 '12 at 16:54
@Donnied: I don't understand your comment. This question and answer has nothing to do with making a program die. If you're having problems, ask in another question and I'm sure someone will answer it. – Bryan Oakley Oct 12 '12 at 17:34
Thanks Bryan - I had accepted your answer. It was just an aside really - I'd ask the question but it's been asked a dozen times - I suspect I'd get flamed - haven't you read threads x,y, & z? I'll go ahead and ask it... – Donnied Oct 12 '12 at 18:00

Bryan's answer may not exactly address the question, in particular, his solution works only if the button's text never changes after it has been created.


returns the actual button's text.

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