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Exploring Yeoman, and like to know how can I update a package.

I initialized an angular project

yeoman init angular

the version included in app/script/vendor (which also included in index.html) is AngularJS v1.0.1

How can I upgrade to AngularJS v1.0.2, which is the latest.

There is a command yeoman update , but that only updating the packages installed through yeoman. The packages installed through yeoman lives in app/components.

So, the questions are

  1. Why there is a vendor and components folder.
  2. How can upgrade Angular to latest version (without breaking whatever dependency management yeoman provides)


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We are planning to make generators fetch dependencies from Bower (package manager which we use under the covers) when available there. This mean you'll be able to do yeoman update angular to get the latest.

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Yeoman probably will never upgrade your included angular library with the latest one. It shouldnt do either. Consider this, if you include library A and start developing with it, after sometime ( say a period of 6 months or so! ) you do an update and if yeoman goes ahead and updates the version of the library you have included, that could lead to bugs and compatibility issues on your app. If on the other hand, you include the latest file, run all your tests and then are sure that the latest file changes are still plausible, then you could do it.Also, its just a one line change, why would you want yeoman to do that? Its been built to "generate" new projects based on best practices and not probably for modifying existing ones.

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I think you're missing the point of dependency management. –  Dusty J Jan 18 '13 at 18:16
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