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My script won't run when it's run as a Task because the profile isn't loaded and there is no printer loaded.

Some background info:

  • Script runs fine when double clicked

  • Have tried changing default wscript <-> cscript

  • Have tried a .bat custom script then went to VBS

  • Have tried running the script using cmd/vbs directly/wscript/cscript

  • Have tried adding printers using the object.AddWindowsPrinterConnection, but it still doesn't work


  • Scan at 'location1' then dump into SharePath - Done by Xerox Workcenter - Completed

  • Crawl SharePath and move all files to ProcessingPath - Completed using VBS

  • Open Adobe with /t argument and print to printer1 - Completed

Goals/Possible Alterations/Presumptions(Correct if wrong):

  • I don't have to use PDF if someone knows how to JPG directly to a printer that could work too

  • I would like to also know how/where this whole scheduled task environment is running from Powershell.

  • Can anyone tell me where I should code from to be able to achieve this? I've coded already in 2 languages and want the third to be the right one.

  • The printer1 is on a UNC path also so I would have to somehow communicate user that's logged in and temporarily install the drivers.

  • Do I have to directly use the driver SDK to print or can this be achieved somewhere/somehow else?

Edit: my one question then-- how do I print (using code only) even if user isn't logged in?

I just wanted people to get the full story so there was no repetition in suggestions.


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Edit: my one question then-- how do I print (using code only) even if user isn't logged in?

To your "one question", since your script runs correctly when you are logged onto the system and interactively run it, you can use Windows Scheduler to get this functionality.

Use the same user account to run the Scheduled Task.

Depending on which version of Windows you are using, it is input a little differently. In Windows 7 it is in the General tab for the task properties.

Click on "Change User or Group" to input the user.

enter image description here

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I will give that a shot thanks! –  MikeKay Oct 19 '12 at 13:15

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