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I am fairly new to jasmine and wanted to create a test for the following below, I created the code in the test section but I get "TypeError: Cannot set property 'username' of undefined"..

I created a global namespace 'cp' in apps.js and used that in the service and controller.

cp.controller = {};
cp.controller.LoginController = function($scope, $location, $cookies){
        $scope.signIn = function(){
            $cookies.user = $scope.form.username;
            $location.hash( "home" );
cp.serviceFactory = {};
cp.serviceFactory.user = function user( $cookies){
    var userName = $cookies.user;
        set: function(name){
            userName = name;
        get: function(){
            return userName;
//test script
describe('Cameo Controllers', function() {

    describe('LoginController', function(){
        var scope, cookies, ctrl, $httpBackend;
        beforeEach(inject(function(_$httpBackend_, $rootScope, $controller, $cookies) {
            $httpBackend = _$httpBackend_;
           // cookies =  $cookies.username;
            scope = $rootScope.$new();
            cookies = scope.$cookies;
            ctrl = $controller(cp.controller.LoginController, {$scope: scope, $cookies: cookies});
        it('should log the user into the system', function() {
            scope.form.username = 'me';

Question: how do I define and set the value for the $cookies.username in the test script to get around the error.

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I also run through the same problem, here is the workaround -

    $cookies.username = 'AngularJs'; 

Please suggest if there is any better way.

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First off make sure you are including angular-cookies.js these were separated from main distro in 1.0.0rc3

If it were me, I would wrap the cookies handling into a service and then use jasmine to mock/spy on the your cookie-wrapper service implementation. You might find this post helpful. Also, I found this testing cookies in unit and e2e. IMHO the problem with this is that it is too close to the metal, having to work with the browser cookies directly.

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