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I want to change the style (put some text in italic) in one part of a mx:Tree. Like this

var data:Array = [
 { label: "one", children: [
   { label: "a"},   { label: "b"},   { label: "c"} 

how I can show only the element with label c in italic?

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You can write a custom item renderer that checks for a given condition in your data (data.label == "c" in your case) and shows the text in italic depending on the outcome. If you did it in MXML, since you cannot bind style properties, a way of achieving it would be:

<mx:Label text="{data.label}" visible="{data.label == 'c'}" includeInLayout="{data.label == 'c'}" fontStyle="italic"/>
<mx:Label text="{data.label}" visible="{data.label != 'c'}" includeInLayout="{data.label != 'c'}"/>

where ... stand for the surrounding item renderer markup

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