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Is it possible to set an attribute in the soap:Body tag using perl and SOAP::Lite 0.7.

In all the examples I have seen I can change the attributes inside the body tag using

SOAP::Data * calls and use the $soap->call($dataValue) for this purpose.

What I really need is the way to add an ID attribute to the soap:Body tag in SOAP::Lite perl. Any pointers in this direction would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Ok I think after banging my head on wall for 2days I should giveup using soap lite at client side and use raw xml for this purpose or use one of the alternates. I needed this to add the digital signatures. Found some suggestions to switch to SOAP::Simple/XML::Compile::SOAP. Any pointers in the direction would still be helpful. thanks

Also found out the way to have fine grain control via extending SOAP::Serializer and overriding the envelop method.

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