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How do I use system environment variables in my project post-build events without having to write and execute an external batch file? I thought that it would be as easy as creating a new environment variable named LHDLLDEPLOY and writing the following in my post-build event textbox:

copy $(TargetPath) %LHDLLDEPLOY%\$(TargetFileName) /Y
copy $(TargetName).pdb %LHDLLDEPLOY%\$(TargetName).pdb /Y

...but alas, no. The build output shows that it wrote the files to the "%LHDLLDEPLOY%" folder (as "1 file(s) copied" twice), but the files are not in the equated path and there is not a new folder called "LHDLLDEPLOY"

Where did they actually go, and how do I do this correctly?

(UPDATE: Xavier nailed it. Also, his variable format of $(LHDLLDEPLOY) worked after I rebooted the machine to refresh the environment variables.)

(UPDATE 2: Turns out that I did not have to reboot my machine. I just needed to make sure that I a) closed the Environment Variables list window, and b) closed/relaunched Visual Studio.)

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Did you try $(LHDLLDEPLOY) instead of %LHDLLDEPLOY%?

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