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I require labels to have different values depending on who is running the application, so I thought about creating a dll for each user type and in the dll, there would be a resource file that would hold the labels values. At runtime, depending on which dll was in a specified directory, it would use resources found in the dll to set the labels values.

1) Are multiple dll's necessary in this case?
2) If it is multiple dll's, is MEF or something similar necessary here or can it 
   be done without it?
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This information should be stored in a database and the data should be fetch from the database as needed. – Icemanind Oct 12 '12 at 20:40

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The proposed solution is Definately Overkill. How do you intend to interchange dlls for deployment? Do you have control over the package that each user will be downloading / installing?

My First Impression is that it would me much easier use / maintain a class that has string properties that return different set values depending in the input parameter.


public String FirstResourceEntry
          case userType1:
               return "SetValue1";
          case: userType2:
                return "SetValue2";

This way is a little more tightly coupled to your app as it will require a rebuild if you want to change values, but wit will also allow you to distribute the same app / file set to all potential users.

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