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Youtube video does not show up in a modal window when viewed in a desktop version of Chrome. The modal window pops up but the youtube video does not.


It works in IE and Firefox on Windows7, works in Chrome on Android ICS and iOS6 iPad.

It is on a sharepoint site

but if I open a version saved to my desktop it works fine in chrome.

I am using jquery fancybox

How it is called

    <a class="iframe" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?  v=nGAyZSFDYh0&feature=player_embedded#at=41" style=" float: left;">

    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(".iframe").click(function() {
            'padding'       : 0,
            'autoScale'     : false,
            'transitionIn'  : 'none',
            'transitionOut' : 'none',
            'title'         : this.title,
            'width'     : 680,
            'height'        : 495,
            'href'          : this.href.replace(new RegExp("watch\\?v=", "i"), 'v/'),
            'type'          : 'swf',
            'swf'           : {
                 'wmode'        : 'transparent',
                'allowfullscreen'   : 'true'

    return false;
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I'm betting that it has to do with your secure HTTPS page calling a non-secure HTTP page. Try changing your youtube videos to https://www.youtube.com/. . . . .

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In the other browsers the video plays at the beginning, so it may be the start sequence: #at=41that is causing issue along with the embed option. If you don't intend to start at 41 seconds might as well take it out, or use the youtube.com/embed/videoid option.

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