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I'm trying to implement an undo and logging feature for my project.

When a user deletes a row from a table with the DELETE_ROW procedure i select all values from that row and insert it into my row_history table by serializing row values as xml with LOG_DELETED_ROW procedure, then i delete row from its original table.

Serializing with built-in functions of Oracle was easy but i couldn't find a way to deserialize the rowdata and insert it back to own table.

Is there any way to store that deleted row into another table and restore it when needed?

Delete Procedure:

create or replace procedure DELETE_ROW(tableName varchar2, userId varchar2, columnName varchar2, columnValue number) is
  log_deleted_row(tableName, userId, columnName, columnValue);
  execute immediate 'delete from ' || tableName || ' where ' || columnName || ' = ' || columnValue;

Logging Procedure:

create or replace procedure LOG_DELETED_ROW(tableName varchar2, userId varchar2, columnName varchar2, columnValue number) is
tableId number;
  SELECT ID into tableId FROM TABLES WHERE NAME = tableName;

execute immediate
   '|| tableId ||', 
   '|| columnValue ||',
           ''SELECT * FROM ' || tableName || ' where ' || columnName || ' = ' || columnValue || '''


Row History Table:

create table ROW_HISTORY
  ID       NUMBER not null,
  TABLE_ID NUMBER not null,
  ROW_ID   NUMBER not null,
  ROW_DATA CLOB not null
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Why can't you use Triggers? A trigger on Delete to Log the rows being deleted. What are your criterias for a restore (from the log table)? –  Annjawn Oct 12 '12 at 16:53
With or without triggers, my question is that how can i insert a row's values to another table? And when needed i want to fetch that row from log table and insert it to it's original table. I'm trying to find a way to serialize/deserialize a row. –  Ahmet Kakıcı Oct 12 '12 at 16:59
why do you store xml as clob? –  be here now Oct 12 '12 at 17:02
I stored it as xml so i can fetch that clob back, deserialize and insert back into own table. But that's my worst-case senario because i don't want to mess with serializing/deserializing stuff. –  Ahmet Kakıcı Oct 12 '12 at 17:07

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DBMS_XMLSAVE seems to be the thing you need.Here is a procedure which should do what you need to do.

CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE insert_xml_data(p_table IN VARCHAR2, xml_data IN CLOB) IS
   t_context    DBMS_XMLSAVE.CTXTYPE;
   t_rows    NUMBER;
   t_context := DBMS_XMLSAVE.NEWCONTEXT(p_table); 
   t_rows := DBMS_XMLSAVE.INSERTXML(t_context,xml_data); 
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I believe you could use DBMS_SQL package here - it will allow you to reconstruct insert statement knowing table name and columns.

Another, more complicated, way would be to insantiate LCR$_ROW_RECORD object and then run its EXECUTE member - it will perform actual insert.

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