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I have been put on to a project using Nuxeo, late in it's lifecycle and need to change a few things before it goes live.

I am having trouble finding out where I need to look to lock down a Nuxeo based application so that a user is redirected to the login page if they are unauthorised and access a restricted page.

Can someone please shoot my some direction on where this sort of logic is kept or defined?

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This documentation should give you information about how Nuxeo authentication works: http://doc.nuxeo.org/5.3/books/nuxeo-book/html/auth-users-groups.html#authentication-framework

A more direct answer to your question is: by default some URLs are protected (*.faces, .seam, /nxdoc/, /nxpath/*...), if you need to protect your own you should add to your deployment-fragment.xml file the following:


And if this kind of URL is bookmarkable (e.g. it holds all the needed information for your application to restore the context), you can declare it as a valid start URL in a contribution to the PluggableAuthenticationService:




If you do so, people who type this URL and are redirected to the login page, will be re-redirected to the original URL after a successful login (instead of home page).

HTH, even after more than 1 year ;)


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You can also follow this documentation to get information about the URL service: doc.nuxeo.org/5.3/books/nuxeo-book/html/… –  user516176 Nov 22 '10 at 14:35

A good option for wrapping security around an existing application is Spring Security. It's implemented as a serious of filters, doesn't require the application itself to use Spring, and has a very flexible API for integrating with your application's own security infrastructure.

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Thanks for the reply. I'm experienced in Spring Security but in this case this is not going to work. Nuxeo is an open source framework, built on JBoss Seam, for creating applications and as I mentioned I have come in close to the end of the project so we are not about to implement a new technology at this point in time. Plus, I don't think Spring Security is a good solution for this scenario as Nuxeo has it's own security model implemented in it. I'm really after someone that understands how to use that. Thanks again for your reply though. –  Aaron Chambers Aug 18 '09 at 5:59

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