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How do I add a 2nd texture uniform in the Kick.js shader editor so my shader can use it? The URL for Kick.js is: http://www.kickjs.org/example/shader_editor/shader_editor.html

I modified the default shader in Kick.js. It uses one texture. I successfully used the 'Textures' panel to add a 2nd texture by referencing an image I found with images.google.com.

Now the problem is that the 'Uniforms' panel does not show the texture sampler uniform. How can I make this uniform appear?

By the way, here is my shader code. However, I do not believe this code is part of the problem. Thanks for any help.

#ifdef GL_ES
precision highp float;
varying vec3 vColor;
varying vec2 uv;

uniform sampler2D video_tex;
uniform sampler2D video_mask;

void main(void)
    vec4 samp_video = texture2D(video_tex,uv);
    vec4 samp_mask = texture2D(video_mask,uv);

    vec3 samp_virtual = vec3(1,0,0);

    float alpha = samp_mask.r;
    //gl_FragColor.rgb = (alpha)*samp_virtual.rgb + (1.0-alpha)*samp_video.rgb;
    gl_FragColor.rgb = samp_mask.rgb;  
    gl_FragColor.a = 1.0;
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You code works just fine :)

You need to bind the textures to the uniform variables. The process takes two steps:

  1. Set the textures (in the Textures panel). enter image description here
  2. Setup the uniforms to bind your uniform variables to the texture enter image description here
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My problem is that I do not see the list of Uniforms as you have shown them here. How can I make the video_tex uniform appear as you have shown? I'm trying to post an image. imageshack.us/a/img651/8592/kickjs.jpg –  cyrf Oct 12 '12 at 21:39
The GLSL compiler optimizes the samp_video and video_tex away since they are unused. If you modify your code to use the samp_video, the uniform will appear and you can bind the texture. –  Mortennobel Oct 13 '12 at 8:42

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