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Basically when I register (Registration details goes to Login table), then this data goes to 2 tables:

  1. Login table
  2. Registration table(Specific)

Using @Attrib I check which data needs to go to which table. But here I am getting an error near the first else part.

The error is:

Incorrect syntax near '@Attrib' expecting SELECT or ,'('

Here is the code:

ALTER procedure [dbo].[Registration_SP]
    @Email varchar(50),
    @Password varchar(50),
    @Repassword varchar(50),
    @Attrib varchar(50) 


    Insert into Login (Email,Password,Repassword,Attrib)

    IF (@Attrib = 'Student')
        Insert into StudentReg
    ELSE (@Attrib = 'Financial Supporter')
        Insert into SupporterReg   

Further clarification, I have atttached the image below:

enter image description here

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Your ELSE is missing IF afterwards:


ELSE (@Attrib = 'Financial Supporter') 

should be

ELSE IF (@Attrib = 'Financial Supporter') 
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It looks like you also might be missing a final END at the end of your ALTER statement after I cleaned your code up. Don't know if this was an accidental ommission or not, thought I would point it out. –  LittleBobbyTables Oct 12 '12 at 18:54

An ELSE case has no condition, so a syntax error is reported.

-- Should be no condition here, syntax error.
ELSE (@Attrib = 'Financial Supporter')

I assume you intended it to be ELSE IF

 IF (@Attrib = 'Financial Supporter')
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