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I'm trying to show my members age in profile page. in php file i just added this code to show users birth day:

$data = $db->super_query( "SELECT dob FROM dle_users" );
$tpl->set("{bdate}", $data['dob']);

and in profile page i have this result:


Its a Persian's date: yyyy-mm-dd

now i need to show members age, i searched in google and this site, i found some answers and tips, but in wont work for me! i don't know why.

how i can show age? :(

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You can use MySQL's TIMESTAMPDIFF() function:

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it does not show anything in result! – Alireza Oct 12 '12 at 19:38

Take a look at MySQL (if that is what you're using) date functions, they'll do a whole host of converting for you.

Maybe DATEDIFF( NOW(), dob ) or some such malarkey, but that would return the difference in days, or TIMESTAMPDIFF(MONTH, NOW(), dob ) for months

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thanks but its too hard for me to learn too much sql in 1 hour :D could u please do me a favor and helping me more? – Alireza Oct 12 '12 at 19:32

You can use

SELECT DATEDIFF(dob, NOW()) AS difference from dle_users;

This will give you the difference in date which you can convert to various formats using PHP

date("m/d/y g:i (A)", $DB_Date_Field);

Also you can directly use the TIMESTAMPDIFF as:

SELECT TIMESTAMPDIFF(YEAR, dob, CURDATE()) as difference from dle_users;


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Just for variety:

select year(now()) - year(dob) - if(dayofyear(now()) < dayofyear(dob), 1, 0) from dle_users
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