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Why? I want multiple models on the first level of the path :)

Using: Django 1.4.1

Code setup urls:

PAGE_SLUGS = '|'.join(Page.objects.values_list('slug', flat=True))
BRAND_SLUGS = ... same concept
(r'^(?P<brand_slug>%s)/$' % BRAND_SLUGS, 'novomore.apps.catalog.views.product_showcase_list'),

url(r'^%s/$' % PAGE_SLUGS, 'prefab.apps.pages.views.page_detail', name='page'),

In the save method of model Page:

if self.pk is None:

I don't want to run a query on each request so thats why i use this aproach, when i add a instance the PAGE_SLUGS need to be updated.

clear_url_caches() doesnt seem to work

Any suggestions?

This doesn't do the trick:

if settings.ROOT_URLCONF in sys.modules:
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2 Answers

From How to reload Django's URL config:

import sys
from django.conf import settings

def reload_urlconf(self):
    if settings.ROOT_URLCONF in sys.modules:
    return import_module(settings.ROOT_URLCONF)
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Thanx for your answer, it still doesnt work; ive updated the post –  Bas Koopmans Oct 15 '12 at 10:14
Due to the comments in codeinthehole.com/writing/how-to-reload-djangos-url-config on Django 1.4 it doesn't work? –  Bas Koopmans Oct 15 '12 at 11:20
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I don't think what you're trying to do is a good idea. Why not simply allow any slug pattern in the URL regex, but return a 404 if you can't find the Page in question? That would have the same effect and be much simpler.

url(r'^(?P<slug>\w+)/$', 'prefab.apps.pages.views.page_detail', name='page'),

then your view code can do something like

from django import shortcuts

def page_detail(request, slug):
    page = shortcuts.get_object_or_404(Page, slug=slug)
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Thats offcourse what im doing but i want multiple objects on the first level and not one or more querys for each incoming request .. Check my initial post, ive added a BRAND_SLUGS example –  Bas Koopmans Oct 17 '12 at 8:45
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