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I want to select all the rows in a database table, but I want to start with the last row. so when I show them in my website it begins with the last row and ends with the first row.

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You need to give some column that you can sort by for this question to be answered. –  Peter Oct 12 '12 at 19:45

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SELECT [your columns] FROM [your table] ORDER BY [your ordering column] DESC

Your ordering column depends on how you define which row is first or last. Do you have a timestamp field and you want to show them from newest to oldest? If so, use your timestamp field. Do you have an ID field that increments every time? If so, use that field.



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Create an auto increment field "id", if you do not have it already. It will preserve the order of insert. Then do:

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If you don't specify an order for your select, by definition there is no order in the result, and something unordered does not have such thing as "first" and "last" element.

Yes, some databases, including mysql, will return any unordered query in a way that looks like "oldest dataset first", but this is coincidence.

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