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According to the UIActivity Class documentation it is possible to add AVAsset objects as a datasource to UIActivityTypePostToFacebook activity. Does it mean that we can post videos using the standard UIActivityTypePostToFacebook activity type? If not then what kind of items can I post using AVAsset activity item?

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Well.. According to UIActivity.h

UIKIT_EXTERN NSString *const UIActivityTypePostToFacebook   NS_AVAILABLE_IOS(6_0); // text, images, URLs
UIKIT_EXTERN NSString *const UIActivityTypePostToTwitter    NS_AVAILABLE_IOS(6_0); // text, images, URLs
UIKIT_EXTERN NSString *const UIActivityTypePostToWeibo      NS_AVAILABLE_IOS(6_0); // text, images, URLs
UIKIT_EXTERN NSString *const UIActivityTypeMessage          NS_AVAILABLE_IOS(6_0); // text
UIKIT_EXTERN NSString *const UIActivityTypeMail             NS_AVAILABLE_IOS(6_0); // text, image, file:// URLs
UIKIT_EXTERN NSString *const UIActivityTypePrint            NS_AVAILABLE_IOS(6_0); // image, NSData, file:// URL, UIPrintPageRenderer, UIPrintFormatter, UIPrintInfo
UIKIT_EXTERN NSString *const UIActivityTypeCopyToPasteboard NS_AVAILABLE_IOS(6_0); // text, image, NSURL, UIColor, NSDictionary
UIKIT_EXTERN NSString *const UIActivityTypeAssignToContact  NS_AVAILABLE_IOS(6_0); // image
UIKIT_EXTERN NSString *const UIActivityTypeSaveToCameraRoll NS_AVAILABLE_IOS(6_0); // image, video

videos are mentioned only in comments for UIActivityTypeSaveToCameraRoll. This means that the only images can be added as AVAsset instances using these standard activity types.

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