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im using build.phonegap , and i want to record Audio then upload audio file to server .

i have seen the following code to record MP3:

function recordAudio() {
var src = "myrecording.mp3";
var mediaRec = new Media(src,
 function() {            console.log("recordAudio():Audio Success");    

 // error callback        function(err) {   
         console.log("recordAudio():Audio Error: "+ err.code);      

  // Record audio    mediaRec.startRecord();}


this is for recording media file , now how i can upload this file to server ??

i have seen phonegap example to upload file to server , but this example explain how to upload images from camera to server not mp3 file , but i want to know how i can upload this mp3 file direclty to server .

and please i want to know :

"myrecording.mp3" file will saved inside my application ????

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Take a look at this thread: how can upload mp3 file to the server(xxampp) by using phonegap.?

Which leads you to:

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hi , thank u for answering : – beaso_88 Oct 12 '12 at 20:05
If everything is working fine now it would be nice to accept the answer so that others can see that it's the solution. – user1649331 Oct 12 '12 at 20:07

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