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Just wondering when rendering a list of items.
Is it best for the performance to use Meteor.RenderList and Meteor.Render, or should I try to use Templates as much as possible?

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i use Template {{#each}} and Meteor.render with a backbone router. i make a function wrap Meteor.render like this

render: (where, which, options) ->
    self = @
    self.options = options
    $ where.empty().html Meteor.render Template[which]

then inside backbone router it looks like

    '': 'home'

home: ->
    render 'body', 'page-home'

and a page-home.html include template and {{#each}} to get my list.

<template name="page-home">
    {{> module-streams-list}} blah blah blah

i want to know how people deal page Meteor.render/Meteor.renderList with routing too.

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