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I have a (lot) of Macros written in VBA for Excel 2010 (x64 and x32) In Windows7. When I attempt to run them in a Windows 8 environment (both server 2012 and Win 8 x64) I get a lot of inconstant results. Some macros that pull data from a SQL server run fine, other macros that pull data or even simply clear a sheet gets an error:

Run Time error '7' Could not find the specified object.

Any research I have done points to corrupted file (code) or invalid module names. Neither of these are a solution to this current issue.

Yes, the same file copied to a Windows 7/Office 2K x64 machine works fine.

The lack of consistency leaves me a bit lost where to search for answers.

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It was composed of two problems.

  1. Office updates. Apparently the Windows 8 implementation need all the recent updates after sp1.

2 Form control. The error was happening when I needed to display forms; when I ran the code in debug mode, the forms displayed correctly. I solved this by adding Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:00") to some of the forms that displayed this error. Apparently, Windows 8 run office a bit faster.

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