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I created custom django-admin commands

But, I don't know how to test it in standard django tests

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If you're using some coverage tool it would be good to call it from the code with:

from django.core.management import call_command
from django.test import TestCase

class CommandsTestCase(TestCase):
    def test_mycommand(self):
        " Test my custom command."

        args = []
        opts = {}
        call_command('mycommand', *args, **opts)

        # Some Asserts.
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You should make your actual command script the minimum possible, so that it just calls a function elsewhere. The function can then be tested via unit tests or doctests as normal.

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Not sure I agree with this. If I could do that, I probably would not make it a Django command. I would just run it as a python program. The reason I make Django commands is to get all the Django infrastructure. –  Chuck Feb 20 '14 at 18:02

I agree with Daniel that the actual command script should do the minimum possible but you can also test it directly in a Django unit test using os.popen4.

From within your unit test you can have a command like

fin, fout = os.popen4('python manage.py yourcommand')
result = fout.read()

You can then analyze the contents of result to test whether your Django command was successful.

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don't use subprocesses for this kind of testing, and certainly don't use os.popen4, if you really wanted to do that you'd use the subprocess package. –  Chris Withers Jan 7 at 14:32

you can see in github.com example see here

def test_command_style(self):
    out = StringIO()
    management.call_command('dance', style='Jive', stdout=out)
        "I don't feel like dancing Jive.")
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mybe you need out.getvalue().strip() –  madjardi Jan 22 at 12:55

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