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Question I want to create alarm so that if the status check failed for 5 times or more in 10 minutes, then raise alarm. Basically, I want to check if the instance is alive or not , for which I plan to use systemCheckFailed metrics. I am not so sure if I am using the right values as below .

mon-put-metric-alarm TestAlarm --comparisonoperator GreaterThanThreshold --evaluation-periods 5 --metric-name StatusCheckFailed --namespace "AWS/EC2" --period 600 --statistic Average --threshold 5 --alarm-actions arn:aws:autoscaling:us-east-1:764516644405:scalingPolicy:dtestguid:autoScalingGroupName/WebAutoScaleGroup:policyName/WebScaleUp --dimensions "AutoScalingGroupName=WebAutoScaleGroup"

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I think the command you specified will fire the alarm after 5 (evaluation-periods) times with an interval of 600 seconds (period)...i.e. not what you want. If you want to check the value 5 times in 10 minutes you need to say evaluation-periods:5, -period:120.

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