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I'm trying to use a libxml's SAX parser (as illustrated here), but I'm running into undefined method errors.

My code is

$domain_topics = { |h,d| h[d] = [] }
parser ="content.rdf.u8", "r:UTF-8")
class Callbacks
  include LibXML::XML::SaxParser::Callbacks
  def initialize
    @state = :top
    @topics = nil
  def on_start_element(element, attributes)
    case @state
    when :top
      return unless element == 'ExternalPage'
      @state = :ExternalPage

      domain = attributes['about'].sub(%r!^\w+://([^"/]*)(?:/[^"]*)?$!, '\1')
      @topics = $domain_topics[domain]
    when :ExternalPage
      return unless element == 'topic'
      @state  = :topic
  def on_characters(characters)
    if @state == :topic and @topics
      @topics << characters
  def on_end_element(element)
    case @state
    when :ExternalPage
      @state = :top
      @topics = nil
    when :topic
      @state = :ExternalPage
parser.callbacks = Callbacks

And when I run it:

% ./my_awesome_code.rb
./my_awesome_code.rb:1337:in `parse': undefined method `on_start_document' for Callbacks:Class (NoMethodError)

What am I doing wrong here? Shouldn't include LibXML::XML::SaxParser::Callbacks give a default definition for on_start_document?

irb seems to confirm my intuition:

 1.9.3p194 :009 > Callbacks.instance_methods.include? :on_start_document
 => true   
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I am dumb, and missed that #callbacks= needs to be passed an instance with the proper callbacks, not a class. So all I needed to do was do

parser.callbacks =
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