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I'm having a bit of an issue with a Maven plugin. I'm trying to run the tapestry-tldgen plugin. I am getting the following error and can't get myself past the issue.

Failed to execute goal fr.exanpe:tapestry-tldgen:1.1.0:tld-generate
(default) on project maple: Execution default of goal 
fr.exanpe:tapestry-tldgen:1.1.0:tld-generate failed: Plugin
fr.exanpe:tapestry-tldgen:1.1.0 or one of its dependencies could
not be resolved: Could not find artifact com.sun:tools:jar:1.5.0 
at specified path /System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0.jdk/Contents/Home/../lib/tools.jar

I think my resolution is related to performing an exclusion. But, I cannot find a good example of how to exclude a dependency from a plugin. I am using OS X. I'm hoping someone can point me to a good example.

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It looks like I can answer my own question. Instead of excluding, I changed the location of the tools dependency.




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