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Say you have:

get '/' do
  haml :index

get '/form' do haml :form end

post '/form' do @message = params[:message] redirect to ('/') --- how to pass @message here? end

I'd like the @message instance variable to be available (passed to) in "/" action as well, so I can show it in haml view. How can I do that without using session, flash, a @@class_variable, or db persistence ?

I'd simply like to pass values as if I was working with passing values between methods.

I don't want to use session cookies because user could have them turned off, I don't like it being a class variable which is exposed to all code, and I don't need to overhead of a db.



This is another question explaining a very easy way to deal with this in rails

Passing parameters in rails redirect_to

Following is more info on the topic i gathered from forums, which works in rails but, to my experience, not in Sinatra (but please check it out because I might have done something wrong):

If you are redirecting to action2 at the end of action1, just append the value to the end of the redirect:

my_var = <some logic>
redirect_to :action => 'action2', :my_var => my_var

on the same thread another user proposes the folowing:

def action1
  redirect_to :action => 'action2', :value => params[:current_varaible]
def action2
 puts params[:value].inspect

source: http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/134953

Can something like this work in Sinatra? Thanks

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before do
  @message = params[:message]

and @message should be available in any route


post '/form' do
  @message = params[:message]
  #redirect to ('/') --- how to pass @message here?
  haml :index, locals: {msg: @message}

Don't use redirect then you may pass locals hash. In your index.haml msg variable should be available.

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Thanks for providing 2 different solutions... Anyway both of those are not exactly what I needed... In my code a redirect is necessary for code consistency and maintenability, so the closest solution could be your first one with a few tweaks to make it more "strict". However I am still saddened that there is not a standard and safe way to pass a variable from a route to another one, for example as you would do in rails. Basically I want to pass a var like when you pass it from a function to another, without altering the inherently defined scope. – jj_ Feb 25 '13 at 14:17

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