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I am trying to pre-fill a form that containes select menu's, using JSON, i am using the key as the #id tags for the select menu's but i cant seem to get it to work i have tried different selectors but still no luck,

here is my code

 $(document).ready(function () {

     var p = {

     for (var key in p) {
         if (p.hasOwnProperty(key)) {

             if ($("#" + key + " option [value=" + p[key] + "]").length) {
                 $("#" + key + " option [value=" + p[key] + "]").attr('selected', 'selected');


 <select id="age">
 <option value="33">33</option>
 <option value="34">34</option>

 <select id="height">
 <option value="1.25">1.25</option>
 <option value="1.24">1.24</option>

 <select id="weight">
 <option value="38">38</option>
 <option value="39">39</option>
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Remove the space between selectors option and attribute selector, you should also wrap the values with quotation marks, otherwise you will get syntax errors for strings like 1.24.

$("#"+key+ " option[value='"+p[key]+"']").prop('selected', true);


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Remove the space between "option" and "[value=..." - a space says "a child of this element".

$('option [value="123"]') matches (for example) <option><label value="123">...

$('option[value="123"]') matches <option value="123">

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I sees two errors in the code .. One is Remove the space between

    No space here

Next is Add Quotes to your value..

 if ($("#" + key + " option[value='" + p[key] + "']").length) {
      $("#" + key + " option[value='" + p[key] + "']").attr('selected', 'selected');

Encase your values in Single Quotes

You dont have a value of option[value=1.24]

       It should be `option[value='1.24']`
                                  ^    ^
                                 Missing Quotes here


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