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I'm working with Struts 2. I'm trying to populate a combobox (select) with data from a database, the values are defined by another combobox.

When I select a state from first combobox the second must load data from database.

This is what I have:


<script type="text/javascript">
            function cargarMunicipios(estado){
                var estado="estado="+estado;
                        var opcion=new Option(value);
                        var municipio=document.getElementById("municipios");


<s:select list="estados" name="estados" listValue="nombre"
                      listKey="nombre" label="Estado" id="estados" onchange="cargarMunicipios(this.value)"/>
            <s:select list="municipios" name="municipios" listValue="nombre"
                      listKey="nombre" label="Municipio" id="municipios"

This is the action on struts.xml :

 <action name="getMunicipios" class="actions.PrepararMedicosAction" method="loadMunicipios">
            <result type="json">
                <param name="root">nombre</param>

and this is the method that is called by action:

public String loadMunicipios(){
        municipios=fachada.buscaMunicipios(new Estado(Integer.SIZE, estado, ""));
        return SUCCESS;

How but when I select a state the second dropbox isn't being populated, on web console I get the http request as "Ok".

I'm very new with Ajax and Struts 2.. please help me .. thanks :)

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It looks like you are using jQuery. Try something like this:

        var opcion= $('<option>').attr('value', value);
        var municipio = $("#municipios");
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Hi! Thanks for the reply, I'm having now a problem with JSON, when I try to execute the action that returns JSON the action produces the a serialization exception. – rafuru Oct 13 '12 at 17:43
You should probably open a new question for that, and make sure you include the full stack trace and relevant code. A quick thing to check is if your model object is marked as Serializable. – Abdullah Jibaly Oct 14 '12 at 2:06
I found the problem, it's a LAZY relationship. When JSON try to parse the data some lists aren't instansiated. Thanks – rafuru Oct 14 '12 at 5:04

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