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I am having an issue with getting my "Like" button approved by Facebook and I am wondering if anyone has experience with this and can help me out?

First, I submitted and was told we cannot use the word "Like" or the "Thumbs Up" symbol in the button -- this seems silly to me but sure, we re-designed the button to just say "Recommend"

Next, FB responded says the button couldn't be misleading so if we were performing a "Like" action then it had to represent that -- are they telling me that the button should say "Like" now?

And finally, they are telling me that we to make it clear that we will publish this story to the user's feed -- how do we do this? With a pop-up? Can it be a one time thing?

Everytime I make changes and submit them, FB just denies it and responds with a template message that links me to the "rules" but they give me no real answers.

At this point I'm pretty frustrated as it is holding up the release of my app and just want to get it figured out.

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Before the user triggers the action, it must be clear to the user that the action will publish a story on his/her timeline. I've seen this done with a checkbox that toggles "[] Post to Facebook", so the user has the option. You cannot use FB-looking art or mimic the Like button. I might try: text/hyperlink "Like this article", for example. See also: facebook.stackoverflow.com/questions/12674006/… –  Donn Lee Oct 17 '12 at 1:55
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