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Possible Duplicate:
Drop Columns R Data frame

Let's say i have a dataframe with column c1,c2,c3.

I want to list just c1,c2. How do I do that?

I've tried:


Thank you!

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You can just index and use a negative sign to drop that column:


Or you can list only the first 2 columns:

data[,c("c1", "c2")]

Don't forget the comma and referencing data frames works like this: data[row,column]

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In addition to tcash21's numeric indexing if OP may have been looking for negative indexing by name. Here's a few ways I know, some are risky than others to use:

mtcars[, -which(names(mtcars) == "carb")]  #only works on a single column
mtcars[, names(mtcars) != "carb"]          #only works on a single column
mtcars[, !names(mtcars) %in% c("carb", "mpg")] 
mtcars[, -match(c("carb", "mpg"), names(mtcars))] 
mtcars2 <- mtcars; mtcars2$hp <- NULL         #lost column (risky)

remove.vars(mtcars2, names=c("mpg", "carb"), info=TRUE) 

Generally I use:

mtcars[, !names(mtcars) %in% c("carb", "mpg")] 

because I feel it's safe and efficient.

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And see for Brian Ripley's comment on mtcars[,-c("carb","mpg")] – Dieter Menne Oct 14 '12 at 10:16

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