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I am trying to compress my largest tables in my db. I will do this by running the SP_ForEachDB stored procedure. However I cannot figure out how to view the total page count. I can get row count with this query...



SELECT [TableName] = so.name, [RowCount] = MAX(si.rows) FROM sysobjects so, sysindexes si WHERE so.xtype = 'U' AND si.id = OBJECT_ID(so.name) GROUP BY so.name ORDER BY 2 DESC

Which returns: TABLE NAME ROW COUNT PlannedShift 38268660 BudgetStaffStat 19353104 BudgetKBIStat 14142631 EmployeeShiftAdjustment 13493745 Requirement 11020921 EmployeeShiftError 6857235 JobclassLaborData 5638692

and so on for all my tables.

I am looking for the same thing but returning page Count instead.

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SELECT  OBJECT_SCHEMA_NAME(s.object_id) schema_name,
        OBJECT_NAME(s.object_id) table_name,
        SUM(s.used_page_count) used_pages,
        SUM(s.reserved_page_count) reserved_pages
FROM    sys.dm_db_partition_stats s
JOIN    sys.tables t
        ON s.object_id = t.object_id
GROUP BY s.object_id
ORDER BY schema_name,
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Perfect, Thank you. –  Cole Mietzner Oct 15 '12 at 14:36

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