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I have a QTableView. I want three columns to share a common header.

My approach has been to resize column3 to the size of col1+col2+col3, and then resize column2 to size of col1+col2 and resize colmumn1 the same way.

When I attempt to use the resizeSection() method, I end up with the middle column disappearing behind the overlap of the left and right columns.

From my experimenting, this is not a trivial problem.

I have looked at: http://qt-project.org/faq/answer/how_can_i_span_the_headers_in_my_qtableview But it was only of minimal help, mostly in understanding the problem.

What is the easiest and most straight forward way of accomplishing this?

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Please take a look qt-app.org grid view widget which I also was wondering how to do several months ago. Though Impl itself would not be neat but you could get many hints from it.

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I'm wondering if there is a more elegant way to do this.. –  DragonDrop Oct 15 '12 at 17:38

The approach I am taking is to Lay a new QTableView ontop of the QTableView, with geometry set to the header size, so as to use this as a sort of 'header mask' and connect it to the one beneath it with signals and slots.

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I found this project HierarchicalHeaderView that does what you want. The headers are organised like normal Qt tree models, with parents etc. There are some column resize issues, but nothing too major.

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