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I have to ask this again because till now I was not able to find good solution for this so please be kind to assist me with this problem.

I have a huge infrastructure library for MVVM based WPF applications let me briefly explain it.

First of all there is an Interface which provides different properties and actions for all Viewmodel classes and it is named IViewModel

After this I have very base abstract class which implements this interface and is defined as

public abstract class ViewmodelBase : IViewModel
   //base implementation here

this is not a problem if any classes can derive from this class, but the problem begins whene there is another class of ViewmodelBase which is a generic abstract class and as a generic parameter it takes IValidator bellow is an brief structure of that arcitecture

public interface IViewModel

public interface IViewModel<out TValidator> : IViewModel where TValidator : IValidator

this is how those to interfaces are defined and here is their base implementations.

public abstract class ViewModelBase : NotificationObject, IViewModel

public abstract class ViewModelBase<TValidator> : ViewModelBase,IViewModel<TValidator>, IDataErrorInfo
    where TValidator : IValidator, new()

after that there comes different implementations which define Dialogue based ViewModel and so on and so on but any of those general usability base classes Can be generic with validator or directly derived from base Viewmodel class without any TValidator generic parameter.

now this problem is that this is not a good design architecture and a lots of code smell as in the feature if one needs to add another generic abstract or non generic abstract base Viewmodel type (for example WizardViewmodelBase) this makes things more and more complicated.

I would like to mention, that there is also DialogViewModelBase base class which inherits from Viewmodelbase class and generic version of the same class which derives from generic version of Viewmodelbase and also takes TValidator as its own generic parameter.

Someone told me about using generic and non generic classes instances inside each other and mentioned about Composition over Inheritance but did not explain much so It is very important to refactor this code to have very clean implementation and architecture.

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Do you really need the non-generic versions of those base classes? It seems to me that the only "more and more complicated" part of this is your mention of implementing two base classes in every case. –  Jacob Oct 13 '12 at 0:22
I really Need non generic version of the base class because there is very complex code inside generic class which provide validation I also have EmptyValidator class, but that's not a solution. so I am looking for a way to refactor this to Composition over inheritance using generics –  Rati_Ge Oct 13 '12 at 0:26
You can start favoring composition over inheritance by refactoring a particular portion of your code where you actually take advantage of inheritance - for example you need an A and have a B - to instead use the has-a relationship and have the b give you an A rather than being an A itself. –  Nate W. Oct 13 '12 at 2:08
Ok so what u suggest is to Have interface IViewModel and IViewModel<TValidator> here IViewModel<TValidator> inherits from IViewModel next Viewmodelbase only implements IViewmodel and ViewmodelBase<Tvalidator> implements IViewModel<TValidator> inside generic version Ihave private field od type IViewmodel to which ViewModel<TValidator> assigns itself inside constructor as IVidemodel<TValidator> interface inherits from IViewModel ViewModel<TValidator> base class also inherits members of IViewModel. after that all I have to do is to delegate calls to private field IViewModel right? –  Rati_Ge Oct 13 '12 at 2:23
The only problem here is there despite the fact, that this casting is correct there will not be real Viewmodelbase code execution as All I am doing is casting This as IViewMdeol without any implementation –  Rati_Ge Oct 13 '12 at 2:46

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