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I've run across a couple examples where people test for the content of an html element with page.should have_selector "title", content: "my awsome content", but this seems to always pass. The correct call seems to be page.should have_selector "title", text: "my awsome content" (notice text: instead of content:).

What is the content: selector for in this Rspec call?

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Wrong? Although it may depend on which back end you're using. AFAIK Capybara and Webrat use :text and would ignore :content, but I may be mistaken. –  Dave Newton Oct 13 '12 at 1:10

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Short answer:

have_selector doesn't support a :content option.

Long answer:

Rspec creates dynamic methods that translates calls like [].should be_empty to [].empty?.should == true and, in your case, page.should have_selector "title", content: "my awesome content" to page.has_selector?("title, content: "my awesome content").should == true.

Capybara provides the has_selector? method, which basically just passes its parameters to its test/unit style assertion, assert_selector:

def has_selector?(*args)
rescue Capybara::ExpectationNotMet
  return false

assert_selector then passes its parameters again to the Capybara finder method, all(), returning true if it found any matches and raising an exception if it doesn't (which has_selector? catches and then returns false with).

def assert_selector(*args)
  synchronize do
    result = all(*args)
    result.matches_count? or raise Capybara::ExpectationNotMet, result.failure_message
  return true

The all method returns all of the results that match the query. This is where we'll find the documentation on acceptable options:

# @overload all([kind], locator, options)
#   @param [:css, :xpath] kind                 The type of selector
#   @param [String] locator                    The selector
#   @option options [String, Regexp] text      Only find elements which contain this text or match this regexp
#   @option options [Boolean] visible          Only find elements that are visible on the page. Setting this to false
#                                              (the default, unless Capybara.ignore_hidden_elements = true), finds
#                                              invisible _and_ visible elements.
# @return [Array[Capybara::Element]]           The found elements

We can see that content is not listed as a valid options, so is just ignored.

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With the caveat that comments are ultimately meaningless; it's the code that needs to be checked to be certain. –  Dave Newton Oct 13 '12 at 1:31

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