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I am using the $resource service in angularjs to asynchronously load json content from the server. When the content is loading I show a gif loader on the page. I need to know when the ansyncronous request is complete so I can remove the loader. How can I catch the ready event so I can remove the loader?

function PlaylistController($scope, $route, $http, Song,Artists,Albums,Drive,Children){
    function render(){
        $scope.songs = Song.list()

        //Obviously this removes the loading class immediately
        //I want to remove it when Song.list() is complete

    $scope.$on("$routeChangeSuccess", function($currentRoute, $previousRoute){
    //When the route changes,update the $scope variables
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You shouldn't do DOM manipulation inside of controller.

What about $scope.loading = true and <body ng-class="loading && 'loading'">?

When you set $scope.loading to true the loading class will be added to body, when set to false it will be removed.

If you need to change it from child controllers put it inside of an object(like $scope.data.loading = true) or create functions to change it like $scope.startLoading = function(){ $scope.loading = true; }

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+1 Angular controllers should not manipulate the DOM if at all possible. docs.angularjs.org/guide/concepts#controller – Ben Lesh Oct 14 '12 at 2:55
But how can I change $scope.loading = false once the content has been loaded. Your method adds the loading class to the body when loading begins, but it never removes it once loading is finished. – Max Ferguson Oct 16 '12 at 10:39
in the controller where you will define $scope.loading just call = false or create a function like $scope.stopLoading = function(){ $scope.loading = false } to child scopes use. ngClass evaluate it expression each $digest. In the digest that loading is false the 'loading' class won't be returned by the evaluation and ngClass will understand that it need to remove it. See this example jsfiddle.net/s8JVj – Renan Tomal Fernandes Oct 16 '12 at 15:13

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