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I have a css file and inside it I have url('PTN77F-webfont.eot') - for font name and @import url("layout.css"); as import.

I need to add some text before "PTN77F-webfont.eot" with preg_replace and other text before "layout.css". This are just examples, it can be any text there. Basically I need to add some text inside the url('abc') and another text inside @import url("def").

What I did so far is:

$new_file_content = preg_replace("/([^import]\s*\burl\s*\('|\")(.*)('|\"\))/i", '$1'.JURI::base().'$2$3', $new_file_content);

which is working fine for url('PTN77F-webfont.eot') but my variable is added inside the @import url("layout.css") also, which is no good.

Looking forward for your help.

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[^import] does not mean "not 'import'". It means any symbol but t,i,p,m,o,r. It seems you want to exclude some location for the match. That's difficult. Also you are using .* greedy matches, which might match too far in. Try ? there. (But I'm just guessing here, your explanation is too vague.) –  mario Oct 13 '12 at 1:45

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Well for the first one you can use the limit parameter of preg_replace.

$new_file_content = preg_replace("/([^import]\s*\burl\s*\('|\")(.*)('|\"\))/i",
'$1'.JURI::base().'$2$3', $new_file_content,1);
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