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(tl;dr at bottom of page) Essentially I like converting maths heavy PDF documents into latex (so I can annotate them, add diagrams, or whatever else).

My strategy so far is to

Open the PDF
copy/paste all
insert into vim and comment out all
Apply regex replacement to it
Manually adjust what remains / un-comment & compile in stages

The real problem though is that the method of getting the document into vim itself is highly destructive (since at the very least I'm losing information about where each text line is sitting wrt other elements in the document); I'd like to write some perl to actually pre-process the rendered text so I can then work on it within vim with extra information about which parts of the document constitute a given equation.

To do this I need some means of capturing the rendered PDF text (without manually sitting there swiping over it with a mouse) on a line by line basis, and determine where it lies on the page (wrt horizontal or vertical page borders). So far I can tell which parts were for example centralised since I also end up pasting "pseudo-carriage returns" in my document (so if a return happens after just a few characters on a number of contiguous lines I could deduce fairly reliably it was a displayed expression (as opposed to inline)).

I would like to have determined this in position though (I.e. at the point I'm actually capturing the text) - as opposed to trying to make some sense out of whatever junk gets thrown down with a blind copy/paste all.

(tl;dr) Does anyone know of any tools for this job (mentioned in the title)? (ideally with each line capture I'd like to attach (or have attached) extra data to it). Is there any way to draw inferences about, say, page geometry, from the actual hex data via which the PDF output is generated?

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Does that have to be an existing tool? Or would a library for java also do? In the latter case iText with its parser package would be something to look at. –  mkl Oct 13 '12 at 5:59
Thanks for that!...I don't program in java (yet! - I believe it's quite similar syntactically to C++) but I will certainly have a look at it, the website says something about reading PDFs that looks promising. But yeah I don't mind libraries at all –  HexedAgain Oct 13 '12 at 6:40
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