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I see only method to make sound in volume off state is AudioServicesPlayAlertSound. Volume off mean that it is off by lateral buttons(hardware button) rather than ringer switch in setting. It seems that we cannot control volume up,down and duration programmatically using AudioServicesPlayAlertSound. I would want to make an repeat alarm programmatically even if system volume is in muted.


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Not sure you can do that, I think you "legally" can't. This link might help you solve it: play-sound-on-iphone-even-in-silent-mode

And this is a to check the silent button state and vibrete instead: how-to-play-sound-file

Hope that helps.

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I think what you are talking about is on,off switch mode in setting menu. But what I meant is decreasing system volume to mute by left-hand side hardware button. I realized that its not gonna happen without using private api. –  yongjoon Oct 13 '12 at 8:08

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