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For some reason, despite anything i do, I can not get minification to work for the life of me...I am going insane...does anyone have any suggestions? I also tried WP Minify with no luck...maybe an issue with my server?

Thanks guys!

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As is, your question is too vague to receive a meaningful and helpful response. Consider expanding your question with a more detailed description of what you have tried and where you think the problem lies. If at all possible provide sample code of the 'trouble spot.' in the minification process. –  recursion.ninja Oct 13 '12 at 1:44

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FWIW, W3TC is not really supported anymore; it hasn't been updated in over a year.

Try WP Super Cache with the WPSCMin minify plugin.; it's much more popular anyway. See http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-super-cache/

You will probably see minor performance gains with "minify" anyway. Much more important is to reduce plugins, scripts and style sheets in your theme.

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W3TC is being updated again. Last update was April 4, 2014 –  SteveLambert Jun 21 '14 at 1:36

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