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I want to check if there are 'bad' words in some cases such as checking IDs in register form. But I do not know how to check it.. The bottom code is what I got far with it.

String words = "admin,administrator,babo,sir,melon";

public boolean checkWord(String input) {
   if(something here that i need to find??) return false;
   else return true;

The pattern of words are divided in comma, and I really need help with it please!

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For each word, check if the input contains/equals? –  Ryan Amos Oct 13 '12 at 1:46
I think I did not get the question properly. You want to look for individual words or you want to check if your String input contains any of those words? –  PbxMan Oct 13 '12 at 2:24

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Another example if you want to look for group of words inside your input

public class TestCheckWord {
    static String words = "admin,administrator,babo,sir,melon";
    public static void main (String args[]){        
        System.out.println(checkWord("Hello melon"));
        System.out.println(checkWord("Hello sir"));
        System.out.println(checkWord("Hello you"));
    public static boolean checkWord(String input) {
        String wordArray[] = words.split(",");
        for(int i=0; i<wordArray.length; i++){
                return true;            
        return false;

and yet even another way to look for words only if your input contains only one word.(the order in the array doesn't matter in this case.

import java.util.Arrays;
import java.util.HashSet;
import java.util.Set;
public class TestCheckWord2 {
    public static void main (String args[]){        
    private static String[] WORDS =  {"admin", "babo", "melon", "sir", "administrator"};
    private static Set<String> mySet = new HashSet<String>(Arrays.asList(WORDS));
    public static boolean checkWord(String input) { 
        return mySet.contains(input);
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Use a binary search instead of a linear search. (you'll have to sort the array first) –  Ryan Amos Oct 13 '12 at 1:53

The simplest thing would be to search for a word in a sorted array, like this:

private static String[] WORDS = new String[] {
    "admin", "administrator", "babo", "melon", "sir"

public boolean checkWord(String input) {
    return Arrays.binarySearch(WORDS, input) < 0; // Not found
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Wow.. Thank you! –  Steve Gom Oct 13 '12 at 2:05
+1 love the simplicity, would never have thought of that :P –  MadProgrammer Oct 13 '12 at 2:07
As a note, this method will work only if the array is sorted. OP's example shows a sorted String array. –  Luiggi Mendoza Oct 13 '12 at 2:15
@LuiggiMendoza OP's example has "sir" and "melon" reversed, I needed to sort them manually to make it work. –  dasblinkenlight Oct 13 '12 at 2:17
Yes, but maybe you should point that in your answer. –  Luiggi Mendoza Oct 13 '12 at 2:17

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