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I am building a Facebook Page Tab. It links to a website that is being loaded into Facebook as an iFrame, following strictly along the lines of developing Facebook page tabs.

I notice though, on Facebook Stories (a tab from the Facebook fan page) they have a border around the loaded iframe.

It does not appear at the original source of the iframe, though. And I do not see an option for it in the Facebook Page Tab settings - it also appears to match the style/css of the facebook iframe.

My question is: How can I have a border surrounding an iframe loaded in another page (this instance, Facebook Page Tab) that does not appear at the original source of the webpage?


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The Facebook stories tab you refer to doesn't have a border on the iframe. The border is set on the body with css. If you check the source of the tab : You will see the border next to the scrollbar.

I hope this answers you question :)

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That absolutely worked! I added in my css: body: border:1px solid #CCC; – Jonathan Safa Oct 13 '12 at 21:49

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