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points = [  
    -9.9043877608991468201413092380493, 426.34796945271797204125533010993, Maximum  
    -2.9714737944057521874892206269196, 422.13223302035451265143272598599, Minimum
    9.3758615553048990076305298649689, 441.87005169359418197397861057075, Maximum

I'd like to do loop through and create a new matrix with just the values where column three matches 'Maximum'.

When trying:

idx = ( points(:,3)=='Maximum' )

I get:

Maximum == Maximum
Minimum == Maximum
Maximum == Maximum

Any ideas? Thanks!

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the matrix points as is presented is not a valid matlab matrix unless Maximum is a number. If that is the case then:

  idx=find( points(:,3)== Maximum  )

will give you the proper indices.


to obtain a new matrix with the values of "maximum" just

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idx = 1 3 is what I get in return. What exactly are those two values? I've tried making sense of it but I can't. Also, how can I turn the values matching "Maximum" in the 3rd column into a new matrix? – Kevin Murphy Oct 13 '12 at 3:23
see edited answer – bla Oct 13 '12 at 6:50

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