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I am pretty surprised that when I come across J2ME does not have the normal regex that I have been using in the J2SE.

I found this J2ME supported regex library: regexp-me

Anyone can tell me how to get the starting/ending position or something like matcher.group() (in J2SE), from this library. I can see that it has a boolean return function 'match', but that is not what I want.

Moreover, they use curly bracket with the getParenStart(0) to retrieve the matched regex, but I never use such thing before in J2SE, can't really understand what is it doing.

For example:

regex = a.+b  

The string that I want to search in:


I want to know the position of acccb or preferably get the whole matched string, acccb out of the string.

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It seems like you've already figured it out. This snippet will do the match you want, and put the matching part of the string in the local variable matchedSubstring

RE regex = new RE("a.+b");
String matchedSubstring = r.getParen(0);
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Thanks, just tested, it works, I thought we don't need to call regex.match before regex.getParen (I thought regex.getParent already call regex.match internally), that was why my code didn't work. –  GMsoF Oct 15 '12 at 1:33
But can it matches more than one occurances? It seem like doesn't work that way. –  GMsoF Oct 15 '12 at 1:47

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